At last count, the population of Texas was at over 26 million people. To say that amount is a lot of people would be a huge understatement. In today’s world, there is one thing that you can be certain of with any populated place: where there is a lot of people, there will also be a humongous amount of vehicles on the roadways as well. Because of this, auto insurance is an important fact of our day-to-day life, and you should a policy If you have a car that is already paid off or an example that is a few years old, it can be tempting to go ahead and scrimp on the insurance and just get liability coverage. However, things happen, especially in a state with over 25 million people. There are many advantages to having a higher form of car insurance, such as the following:

1. You will have the ability to pay for non-accident claims.

Texas is one of the sates that is known as “tornado alley”. In other words, the state has had many natural disasters over the years. Comprehensive insurance will help to cover the damages from these and other mishaps that may occur. Because our great state has an extensive ranching industry, comprehensive coverage will also cover an accident where you hit a cow, steer, goat or other type of livestock.

2. Your comprehensive coverage will help with some crimes.

Those involved in the criminal justice system in Texas know that there is an undesirable element in the state as well. Although our state is far from being dystopian, there are times where people misbehave. If you have comprehensive coverage then it will cover you against crimes that can occur against your vehicle. This auto insurance will often provide you compensation for vandalism, theft and fires due to arson. Comprehensive is often the only auto insurance that will cover you in these cases.

3. Comprehensive auto insurance will often pay for a crack in your windshield.

As a Texas resident, I am sure that you are well aware of how vigilant employees of the Texas State Patrol can be. In many cases, they may stop you, let you off with a warning on the original violation, but then give you a ticket if you have a crack in your windshield. Luckily, if you have comprehensive auto insurance you can get this repaired. Generally, if the crack is smaller than a dollar coin you won’t even have to pay your deductible.

4. Comprehensive auto insurance is excellent if you have an expensive or newer car.

If you have an expensive or newer car then your best bet is to get comprehensive auto insurance. The reason is because it will be very expensive to replace or repair your car if you are in an accident. Comprehensive auto insurance will usually include collision coverage, whereas liability insurance only provides the bare minimum of protection for you if you strike someone else’s vehicle. If you have an older car, comprehensive coverage may seem like a luxury. However, it will still pay you the fair market value for your car in the event that something happens to it and renders it inoperable. If you have ever been involved with a body shop, then you know that insurance is a necessity because the charge to repair a newer car can often run into the tens of thousands easily. Thus, even if the vehicle is paid off, it is strongly recommended that you have more than just liability coverage.