Here in Texas, the question is not if your car will collide with an armadillo on the road, but when. The oddly armored mammals wandered up from Mexico a century or so ago, and today they thrive as far north as Austin. An armadillo vs. automobile encounter rarely turns out well for the animal, but that doesn’t mean the vehicle comes away from the experience unscathed. This is one reason auto insurance is an absolute imperative,

There are 20 species of armadillo, but only one, Dasypus novemcinctus, lives in Texas. Commonly called a nine-banded armadillo, the slow-moving, nearsighted animals can be a real problem to motorists. That’s why it’s always a good idea to maintain a comprehensive auto insurance plan.

The armadillos that live in Texas are not able to roll themselves into a ball to protect themselves the way their South American cousins can. You, on the other hand, can protect yourself and your property with an all-inclusive auto insurance policy.

When an armadillo is frightened, its natural response is to leap straight up into the air. While this jump response may be effective when an armadillo encounters a coyote or other predator, it does the critter no good at all when confronted with a moving vehicle. If an armadillo sees you coming, and it jumps straight up, you may collide with the hapless animal before you can stop. Depending on the rate of speed at which you are traveling, a mid-air armadillo collision can cause damage to your radiator, fender, headlights or windshield. If your comprehensive collision auto insurance is up to date, it will cover your repair costs.

Local armadillos are about the size of a house cat and can weigh up to 12 pounds or more. Many drivers, when unable to veer away from a critter in the road, opt to drive over it in the hope that the animal will remain relatively unharmed. Unfortunately, this seemingly sensible tactic doesn’t always work. Auto insurance is the thing to have, if and when you roll over an armadillo, and it jumps upward against your gas tank, undercarriage or exhaust pipe. You might be surprised at the severity of damage that can be done by such a small beast. If your vehicle sustains armadillo damage, and you don’t have comprehensive auto insurance, you could be in for a serious financial jolt.

Cars are the number one cause of Texas armadillo death, and armadillos are a leading cause of automotive damage on roads in the Lone Star State. If and when your car or truck is damaged by a collision with an armadillo, you’ll be glad to have a strong auto insurance policy.

Texas drivers encounter roadway situations that are highly unlikely anywhere else in the country. Nowhere else is one as likely to be forced to flee from a tornado or flash flood or encounter a rogue steer in the road. Auto insurance is a must. Armadillos are another sort of Texas road hazard that drivers in other states rarely even think about. Every truck and car driver north of the Rio Grande needs to maintain an auto insurance policy that is adequate to cover any and all damages that might occur if and when they have an unpleasant road encounter with Texas’ favorite armored roadkill candidate.